Automatic Trashcans?

Steps to throw away a piece of trash:
  1. Hold trash over the basket.
  2. Let go of trash.
Now how hard is this two-step process? (Or one step if someone throws the trash in and succeeds) Yet today everything has to be automatic. I understand automatic water and soaps and paper towel dispensers can be both sanitary and savvy, but why an automatic trashcan? Why?

See, some trashcans have a lid, probably so the trash won't fall out or smell depending on what's thrown in. Then all one has to do is lift the lid or step on the lever at the bottom. Easy. 

Here's the problem with an automatic trashcan: you have to make sure the sensor senses you for it to open at all, and then you have to wait for it to open. You could let go too soon and miss, or you many even wait too long and miss because it starts to close.

This probably doesn't happen often to those who have automatic trashcans, but this invention seems to be an unnecessary one. At least, unnecessary for most. For those people who don't have a leg/foot (perhaps because an accident or heroic action), an automatic trashcan is very practical. 

I first saw these at an optometrist and everyone there, well, had all their limbs. The company had recently moved, so I understand they were buying new technology, but... is buying an automatic trashcan really worth it?


This song is by Waterflame. Like it? No? Praise or complain in a comment.

Your Favorite Neutral

Did you know that black and white are not colors but are called neutrals? Which do you prefer? Vote on the Quipol to the right! (Or if I've changed the poll, go the the poll tab above.)

We Can't Bring Back the Dead... Or Can We?

There are few things we can resurrect. One of them is batteries. 
~ Jaimie Fayt

This time I've made up my own quote! It's become mundane to say, "My battery died," if not, "My phone died." If we say it "died," we technically must've "resurrected" it for us to use it again. 

Happiness is Yummy

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. 

-- Herm Albright

Not only is the above quite true, but studies have shown that, although people say your emotions are expressed on your expressions, your expressions actually affect your emotions. So if you're in a bad situation, smiling actually will brighten the day, even if just a little. 

The "Would You Rather" Game

Zoey 101. I used to watch that show (although Zoey tended to annoy me), and that's where I learned the "Would You Rather" game. 

The name says it all: list two, often scary or gross, choices and have someone pick the one they'd rather do. "Neither" is not an answer. Nor is "both"(for the case where the two choices are completely awesome). 

So stop being bored when waiting in line and try this quirky game. You can try me and comment below and/or answer the poll below.

By the way, the "thumbs up" button is for the left choice (mustard) and the "thumbs down" is for, as you can easily deduce, the right choice (flu shot).

I Forgot They Hurt... and a Limerick!

I hate getting the flu, so I prefer the flu shot. I mean, getting a never-ending runny nose and lethargy... no thank you. 

I'm not afraid of shots either (although when I get blood drawn, I have to put in so much effort just to stay still; I guess I'm somewhat scared because I shake/shiver...) 

Point is, I didn't expect the flu shot to hurt as much as it did. Still beats the flu though.

Flu. Flue. Fly. Flea. Alliteration.
I love this limerick completely unrelated to the flu:

A fly and a flea in a flue
Were trapped, so what could they do?
"Let us fly," said the flea
"Let us flee,"said the fly
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.